Our Promises

He launched initiatives which aim at achieving excellence in all walks of life and focus on community building through teamwork.



Fluoride is one of the problems that are prone to the Prakasham district. Kadiri BabuRaoo who took it as a challenge .. All he is suffering is not everything. Kidney patients are doing their best to protect their diagnosis from the dialysis centre.

Dwarka Groups

Dwarka Groups

Chandra Babu Naidu wants to solve all the problems of women. Each and every Dwarka woman has got Rs. 10 thousand for the first step but again he wants to give another Rs. 10 thousand for each to solve their problems.

Water Facilities

Water Facilities

Cultivation and drinking water are one of the major welfare programs undertaken by Kadiari Baburao. The Veligonda project Wants to fill out the lightings and Tunnel works Intentionally trying to bother for fresh water.



Scheduled construction of caste housing in villages and additionally providing money up to Rs.50,000/-.This means they may help in providing money between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000/-. By the scheme of anna canteens, poor man’s hunger has vanished away.

Community Buildings

Community Buildings

Kadiri Babu’s aim is to make his promises happy to each and everyone’s life. That is why he is trying to fill out new lightings in people lives. he is concentrated on community Buildings in that way he is going forward.

Stree Nidhi

Stree Nidhi

The main objective is to provide loans for women who are independent communities. with the help of schemes called Chandra Anna Bhima, NTR Medical services they are planning to help poor people.

KBR Biography

Kadiri Babu Rao is an Indian politician of Andhra Pradesh and is the current Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Kanigiri constituency. He began his political career in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) with the encouragement and support of Nandamuri Balakrishna.


Babu Rao was born in Seelamvaripalli village, Chandrasekharapuram mandal, to Kadiri Venkata Narasaiah and Lakshmamma. He has four brothers and two sisters. He was educated in Seelamavaripalli and Chandrasekharapuram before earning a BA degree from Nizam College, Hyderabad in 1981. He has Four daughters and one son.


Kadiri Baburao, who completed his basic education in his home town area, after he came to Hyderabad for higher education. In 1981, he graduated from BA in Nizam College. With the encouragement of Nandamuri Balakrishna, Kadiri Babu started a political career through the Telugu Desam Party.


Kadiri Baburao is a politician from Andhra Pradesh. Kadiri Babu Rao is an Indian politician of Andhra Pradesh and is the current Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Kanigiri constituency. Kadiri Baburao started his political career through the Telugu Desam Party with the help of his friend, Nandamuri Balakrishna.

In the 2014 Assembly elections, Kadiri Babu Rao was elected as MLA from Kanigiri. he won with a huge majority on his nearest rival Madhusudan Yadav. Now, in 2019, under the orders of the high command, he took stand for contesting from Darsi constituency.

Example of commitment

If you ask why to choose Kadiri Babu Rao, only one answer. It is an Example of his commitment. This is evidence of the progress made in the Kangiri constituency. Baburao is the creditor who brings funds to kanigiri which didn’t reach any constituency in the state. It is proud to say that Kadiri Babu is credited with various development activities with Rs. 3800 crores.

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Our Achievement

Kadiri Babu Rao has a good nature who helps poor people if they are in trouble. That’s the reason it makes him the most successful and undefeatable person in public life. If people have a look at kanigiri.. before and after Kadiri Baburao’s arrival. They will come to know about his hard work and difficulties he faced for higher education he requested govt for IIIT and Degree Colleges and also he made those colleges available for the public. In each Mandal, he solved the problems that have arisen in government schools.

Kadri Babu Rao, who has been flooding funds for the area where he was born, has been brought up as MLA and has done many things for development where any other MLAs has not done for the welfare of the public, e will take a stand. Medical, medicine, job, employment, farming, drinking water etc. Whatever we take in this, That mark will make him a winner among the people. Let’s support and bless the kadiri babu rao.

Kadiri Baburao realized that there is the problem with the in drinking water and irrigation, Kanigirilo That problem is derivative Apart from taking care. Drinking water and irrigation with the intention of ensuring that his people are in no hurts and I am in their difficulties in the days of irrigation. For this purpose, in the village of Kanigiri constituency with a total cost of 400 crores, the initiative was initiated to provide drinking water. The construction of summer storage tanks with the 200 crores continues on the same basis. Reconstruction of fresh water pipelines and construction of large clearing watershed centres in each zone. R.O plant was built in 45 villages with 4.5 crores. Over 26 crore has been sanctioned for overhead tanks and deep boards.

Our kadiri Baburao has also laid the foundation for education and medicine in Kanigiri. Abdul Kalam founded the IIT and started a new era in the education system. IIT College has started with the worth of 1100 crores. not only the arrangement of extra classrooms with 45 crores But We also strengthened district parishath schools with 25 crores. Kadri Babu Rao who took up the bachelor’s degree in the c.c Puram with Rs.35 crores and another 10 crores in Kanigiri has also been funded by the S.T Gurukul Schools.

Kanigiri stadium construction with 2 crores, Junior College, Rs 1.30 crore has been allocated for the construction of a junior college in Pamuru, and 1100 people have been given a thousand unemployed each month. Kadiri Baburao is credited with granting the Agriculture College to improve the education system. A poor-minded personality has been at the forefront of suffering from sickness, disability and kidneys. For such sufferers, around 28,000 744 people are offered pensions every month.

Babu’s hand in handling women’s the 38,791 Dwarka women in Kanigiri, 39 crores was loaned to them. Chandranna Insurance has provided cover for more than 80,000 insurance under Chandranna. the 922 people, 15 crores were handed over. Under the NTR medical service, he has been treated free of cost over Rs1400/- people. In the festive occasions like Chandranna Krishnas, Sankranthi and Ramzan, gifts were distributed to the poorest 20 crore people. the city panchayat with 30 crores, the cement roads, drainage construction, parks and burial grounds were built and said that everyone else was the one who sat. T.d.p Sarkar’s cousins, who found that those who do not feed in these days, are still very hard. By doing that, the poor make an attempt to stomach. Kudiri Babu Rao, who is also successful in implementing the Padumaru is filling a lot of the poor people with 5rs. Credit to BC, SC, Minority and Handlooms were sanctioned for the qualification of 101 crores. Kadiri Baburao is one of those who believes in ritualism. That is why they have to make them bigger in every welfare scheme.

A total of 33,000 776 farmers were lured in Kanigiri constituency with a budget of 153 crores. A total of Rs. 64 crore was damaged. We have the credit of subsidizing agriculture tools with 9 crores. Livestock feeding has been supplied to the Griyalari forests with 9 crores. Sowing of seeds, Rs. 10 crores, was spent on loan and drainage. The kanigiri with the will to be done through the Vellugonda project with the purpose of constructing the construction of the checkpoints, tanks repairs, and the first priority of the canals. Kadiri Babu who has been funded by the Patalipally Reservoir Canal with 18 crores. Government hospitals have also been converted to poverty.

Firstly, 5.3 crores to get rid of the kidney sufferers of fluoride fever got the satisfaction of bringing the dialysis centre at the CS Puram. Kadiri Baburao, who is moving forward with a comprehensive plan to revive the Floody flood as a whole, has come out of Krishna and Godavari water. We will win Kadiri Baburao .. with a huge majority

Kadiri Babu as the MLA of Kanagiri constituency has done many welfare schemes to the people. Mainly focused on education, medicine, agriculture, drinking water and infrastructure.
Andhra Pradesh has been appointed as No. 1 in cleanliness, righteous governance, doing business and technology use.

KBR’s vision includes following an economically liberal policy that has been seen as pro-business and pro-development at the cost of the rural areas.